Friday, January 24, 2020

My Services


My Services

  • A meeting with you and family members at your choice of location.
  • A carefully crafted service, including a personalized written tribute, and coordination with other service professionals that may be involved to assure a smooth outcome.
  • Officiating the service and facilitating other participants.
  • Providing you with a keepsake copy.

The Family Meeting

The first step is the Family Meeting. I will set a time to sit with your family, and any others you wish included, to listen to your stories about the person who died.

My intent is that this time together will be a dynamic and healing experience. During the family meeting we will together choose music, consider readings or prayers, and contemplate ceremonies or rituals that truly reflect the personality and lifestyle of your loved one.

From this time together a theme emerges. I then write the service, including the tribute, around that theme. My tributes are not just personalized but highly individualized. They only fit one person.

The Ceremony

Throughout the planning I am available to you by phone or email, and will be in touch with you and other family members to assure that we are all informed and updated.

I will arrive early to coordinate with you, other service professionals and involved  participants.

As the Celebrant I will lead the service from beginning to end, including delivering the tribute and if there is going to be audience memories (open mic), I will facilitate that process.


My fees are determined individually by scope and are based on the number of hours I estimate will be required to carefully craft your service as well as other factors such as travel and location.

I love my Celebrant work and offer you my heartfelt sensitivity to your beliefs and desires, as well as my personal integrity and professional expertise. We are partners.

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